Cultivated in the tropical and subtropical regions, yams are part of the basic diet of many countries. The delicate taste and high nutritional value have popularized yam, and it is now widely consumed in the world, either in its natural form or as part of various recipes.

The ANAUA yam is of the cuscus type, grown on farms in Northeast Brazil. Because it is fully adapted to the climate of the region, it requires low use of pesticides, generating little environmental impact.

Yam or Sweet Potatoes?

The English word “yam” comes from the African words njam, nyami or djambi, which means “to eat”. African slaves in America began to call the sweet potatoes, native to USA, of yam – since it resembled the food they knew in Africa.

Currently, the term yam is used generically for tropical tubers, representing many plants, of various botanical genus grown in tropical and equatorial zones.

ANAUA, yam from Brazil, belongs to the genus Dioscorea, of the alata species. Although often mistaken for sweet potatoes, it is a totally different tubercle in appearance, features, benefits, texture and flavor.



The yam has several nutritional properties, besides of exerting diverse functions in the organism, such as:

– Source of complex carbohydrates, which regulates the steady rise in blood sugar levels.

– Good functioning of the intestine, due to minerals, vitamins and fibers;

– Strengthening of the immune system, because it contains several vitamins and minerals, mostly vitamin C.

– Weight loss: because it is rich in fiber, which provides satiation, and by having substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action that help in eliminating toxins from the body, improving its functioning and favoring the elimination of fat (when associated with physical activity).


Porção de 100g

Energy (Kcal)118
Protein (g)1,52
Total lipid (fat) (g)0,17
Carbohydrate (g)27,88
Fiber (g)4,10
Sugars, total (g)0,50
Calcium (mg)17
Iron (mg)0,54
Magnesium (mg)21
Phosphorus (mg)55
Potassium (mg)816
Zinc (mg)0,24
Vitamin C (mg)17,1

* % Valores diários com base em uma dieta de 2.000 Kcal ou 8.400kj. Seus valores diários podem ser maiores ou menores dependendo de suas necessidades.




ANAUA is based in Brazil and has been exporting Cuscus Yams for more than 30 years, mainly to the USA. Our products are selected in order to meet the strictest international quality standards.

Yam is an exotic and practical product, and it is greatly appreciated by the ethnic community, who has known for many years the delicate taste and benefits of yam for the health.

With the growing trend towards a natural and healthier diet, ANAUA wants to expand the yam consumption habit, making North America and Europe also discover this excellent product



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